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Why Anandamide?

The name Anandamide is taken from two words: Ananda and Amide. Ananda is ​a ​Sanskrit word which signifies eternal Bliss​, Joy and Delight. Amides are organic compounds and fatty acid neurotransmitters. When anandamides bind to ​​cannabinoid receptors in the brain we experience ​the ​feelings of ​bliss​.​ Here at Anandamide we are passionate about finding bliss in everything​ and w​e believe that within each one of us there is ​the​ source of great​er​ wisdom​s​ where Science and Spirit unite.

Our Mission

Anandamide is our expression of wholehearted health, simultaneously grounded and connected to the Divine. This is a place that honours all life. We are invested in the harmonization and balance of a thriving Hue-manity. We create and hold safe space for all those who desire to place their perfection back into their own hands. And we invite everyone to step inside and embody their highest potential through breath, meditation, vibration- crystal- light- and water- technologies, healing hands, infra-red saunas, organic-medicinal foods, yoga and movement, sacred geometry, and cannabis awareness & education. We are here to have fun, love ourselves, and light up the world as peaceful rainbow warriors. Welcome to Anandamide.

"Labora est ora"
{Let work be your prayer}
-St. Benedict

Our Team

"What we call imagination is actually the universal library of what's real. You couldn't imagine it if it weren't real somewhere, sometime."
-Terrance Mackenna

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